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  Session 3 - A social justice framework



Exercise 2
United Convention on the Rights of the Child

time in minutes

Aims of exercise

Bullet to provide an opportunity to access detailed information on the United Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)
Bullet to encourage familiarisation with the articles of the UNCRC
Bullet to enable students to use a critical approach to the implementation of the UNCRC


This exercise is based primarily on web resources, though if you have access to relevant documentation on the UNCRC you can of course use this. In Topic 3.3 you were provided with a list of different types of rights. Makes sure you have this list to hand when you do this exercise. You might also want to add to or amend this list based on your own views.


1. There are many web sites on children's rights. we suggest 4 sites and these may be the only ones you need to use to do the exercise are listed below. Locate information on the UNCRC that lists and details the Articles in the Convention. We suggest you print or hold a document on the UNCRC for reference throughout the course.

United Nations

UN Office for the High Commissioner of Human Rights - Convention on the rights of the Child

Article 12 in Scotland Article 12 is a national (Scottish) network of young people which promotes youth rights as laid out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Childwatch International Research Network is a nonprofit, nongovernmental network for institutions and individuals involved in research for children. It aims to initiate and coordinate research and information projects on children's living conditions and the implementation on children's rights as expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Multilingual Human Rights & Child Rights

Children's Rights Across the World

2. Having considered the range of rights encompassed by the UNCRC, which sorts of issues facing children today would you put into each of the catgories of rights shown below, related to either:

  • the country you live in or
  • the setting in which you work with children
Type of right Issues
Liberty rights
Welfare rights
Procedural rights
Statutory or legal rights
Citizenship rights
Other rights as identified by you


3. Think about how you might take action to improve children's rights in a specific context. The complexity of the issue of rights means that people will hold different views about how society and welfare agencies should tackle the implementation of children's rights. Please hold on to this if you post and read the ideas of others.

Briefly describe the context of children's rights to which you wish to relate the UNCRC,
eg national, community or service level


Briefly highlight the rights you would want to prioritise in work with children in the context you have named.
Please give your reasons

4. We want people to share their answers with each other - to encourage debate and to develop comparative perspectives. It is your opinion and as such should be respected by others.Now post your answer in the Chat Room if this facility is available.

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